Voice of Special People

Voice of Special People

How Do I Contribute To Solve The Community Problems

"I Am Only one. Yet at the same time, I am one. I can't do everything, yet at the same time I can accomplish something, and in light of the fact that I can't do everything, I won't not accomplish something that I can do."


The real network issue for which I have contributed my endeavors is the issue of "THE RIGHTS OF SPECIAL PEOPLE". I have filled in as an educating/advising/social with the "Exceptional People" of our "Locale" for 7 years. Since from my youth, I had an expectation to social work for the uncommon individuals, since I had a characteristic obligation of connection with them. To achieve my desire, I picked "Extraordinary PEOPLE COMMITTEE" of our locale with the goal that I could get change their lives.

I managed all kind of understudies from the class of Profound, Severe, Moderate, Mild, yet uniquely I have worked with "The Border Line" understudies who need their rights; Who face the serious issue in each general public in each network; Who needs their innovativeness to investigate before others; Who anticipates for the love from others; Who needs other to acknowledge them as a Normal Being.

"The voyage of a thousand miles starts with one stage". "Chinese maxim"

Furthermore, that shot of Volunteer administration for these darling unique youngsters was the initial step of mine towards my voyage to work for their RIGHTS.

"I trust that each individual can have any kind of effect".

I say thanks to God that these beautiful understudies confided in me, gave me the obligation of relationship, acknowledged me entire heartedly in simply my first year of Volunteer Service. They imparted the majority of their issues to me and I say thanks to God for giving me the unique power for being acknowledged by them.

I have heard their voices, their shuddered Pleadings, their desires, their desires. Yet at the same time, they need each one in the general public to hear them, to mind them and to adore them.

I had even confronted numerous issues from our locale while working for their RIGHTS.

I can't do everything in this world yet yes I have acquired a little transform them, which is the huge reward for me.

On this universal plat structure, I need to raise their voice.

I need to be their voice to reveal to all of you the issues, which all the unique individuals are confronting. The issues, which should be undaunted, must be conceivable by holding hands together.

Coming up next are the serious issues, which my locale uncommon individuals of "marginal" class are confronting, which has been recognized by me are:

· They need to get legitimate EDUCATION.

· They need to get their RIGHTS.

· They need others to TREAT THEM PROPERLY.

· They need each one to quit calling them "Uncommon".

· They need others to regard them as "Typical HUMAN BEING OF THE SOCIETY".

· They need to Marry.


· They need JOBS to start their INDEPENDENT LIFE.


· They need to take an interest in INTERNATIONAL COMPETITIONS.

· They need the PLATFORMS to demonstrate their ability to this world.

· They need each one in the general public, to MAKE THEM THEIR FRIENDS.

I need to impart my encounters to you, that how I have helped few of my locale extraordinary understudies of "fringe" to get completely change them and I might want to impart my endeavors and my drive to you.

Initially, so as to mindful network individuals about their issues, I worked with unique youngsters and recognized the issues, which they are confronting.

Next, I composed an article " I ADORE SPECIAL PEOPLE WHY DON'T YOU?"

In which I expounded on their rights and appropriated in it to the network individuals so they can be made mindful about their own needs and their rights. Individuals, extraordinarily the more youthful individuals from our locale indicated positive signals and demonstrated their distinct fascination to find out about them subsequent to perusing my Article.

Thusly I made the general population of my locale very much aware of their requirements and desires from the general public.

Next, I took an interest in the workshops in which I exhibited discourse on extraordinary individuals before their folks. I confronted numerous issues since I came to realize that a large number of the extraordinary understudies were dampened in light of the fact that their folks don't comprehend them.

Next, I for one visited huge numbers of the guardians of my locale and made them very much aware of their needs, needs, and desires from their relatives.


Their sobs, their words, their looks, their signals; all had made me understood only one thing that still in Pakistan in all the significant networks, SPECIAL PEOPLE ARE NOT TREATED AS A NORMAL HUMAN BEING.

Despite the fact that I realize that they are the extraordinary stars of our general public. They have made our country glad also by taking an interest in Special Olympics Worldwide in 2004, but still, they re-limited with heaps of weights.

I have acquired changes a few lives, however, the inquiry is, who will take care of the issues and issues of all the extraordinary individuals of each network? Who will direct them?

Following are my understudies, who have tackled a large number of their issues through my endeavors and directing.

I am simply citing instances of few of my understudies.

The name won't be unveiled; hence I am utilizing ALPHABETIC REPRESENTATIONS for the benefit of their names.

One of the encounters, which I might want to share, is the experience of one lovely young lady.

"An" is 25 years of age. Her folks and family companions constantly debilitated her in a significant number of her own choices. She is a "Marginal" female understudy. Her family treated her in all respects seriously amid her initial age.

Because of seeing the family battles since from her initial age, she had her first Epilepsy assault at 10 years old. She bears numerous hardships and had faced numerous physical discipline from her family. She was the principal understudy of mine whom I considered in all respects cautiously. She needed to take an interest in games.

For that, I went to her family, chatted with them and made them understood about their madness, which made her little girl frightful. I disclosed to her family about the gifts, which their girl had. She was therapeutically treated for her epilepsy and free meds were given to her by MY COMMUNITY HOSPITAL. I prepared her for games. From that day, her life changed and after ceaseless endeavors and with her family positive signal, she took an interest in "The World Olympics" in 2004 and won decoration as well. The grin, which was seen all over, was the main triumph of my exertion, which influenced me to understand that at any rate, I have gotten a little transform her. She right off the bat imparted her triumph to me, which was the valuable virtual reward for me.

Presently, she is working at her neighbor's home and procure around 100$ every month. She has her own portable, which she brought from her very own pay. She is likewise a volunteer mentor of our Community.

She generally wished to be TREATED AS NORMAL CHILD. Interestingly, NOW SHE IS TREATED AS A NORMAL CHILD BY HER FAMILY. The main issue, which isn't yet unraveled, is the PROBLEM OF HER MARRIAGE. She needs to wed and need to live a cheerful life.

The following young lady is "B". She had numerous horrible encounters, which she had by and by shared to me in her directing session. Her desire is to MARRY and to GET SOCIAL SECURITY.

She clarified me that her folks revealed to her that you are SPECIAL and you CAN'T MARRY. She further included that one man in her structure attempts to sodomize her, contact her and utilize awful words. That man told "B" commonly to accompany him to his home.

"B" is a fearless young lady isn't unique from the psyche. My inquiry is:

How any one can tell this circumstance on the off chance that he/she is extraordinary?

Despite the fact that she is marginal understudy yet I surmise she is a typical youngster. She considers, she assesses everything and Understands numerous things.

Right off the bat, she went to her auntie with whom she lives. Her mother is constantly occupied in her work and her dad isn't alive. Her auntie overlooks this difficult issue. "B" needs FREEDOM OF SPEECH. She needed to express her sentiments. Many denied the difficult issue, which she was confronting.

I directed her. She was instructed how to deal with such circumstance in the future. I went to her auntie and asked her how she can endure this genuine issue. I revealed to her relatives that she is additionally typical and she likewise needs the right to speak freely. Her family currently treats her in a much-preferred path over previously. "B" her self let me know,

"I am not mental. in the event that that man attempt to contact me once more, I won't abandon her and would affront her before each one since I am not MENTAL RETARDED".

She additionally needs to wed in her life yet her family wouldn't like to discuss this issue.

What changes were acquired her life?

Presently she realizes HOW TO HANDLE THE SITUATIONS. She is MORE CONFIDENT. She ACTIVELY PARTICIPATES IN COMMUNITY WORKS and finally, she is getting instruction which is supported by OUR COMMUNITY. I have advised her for a while on numerous issues. I have encouraged her how to be valiant and I have revealed to her how to request her rights.

Am I crazy? Who am I? Where I am? Why me?

The inquiries were spoken by one of the following splendid understudies of mine "C" who is again a "marginal" youngster and had numerous desires to go on. But since of NO JOB PLACEMENT for him and NON-SUPPORTIVE FAMILY, HE DECLARES HIMSELF AS A MENTAL, ILLITERATE, USELESS CREATURE ON THE EARTH. I encouraged her for 7 years and he is a genuine companion of mine. The issues, which he is looking in the network and society, are:

Right off the bat, HE WANTS TO GO ABROAD. His desire is to see the world. Despite the fact that his family had been commonly abroad however never took him with them on the grounds that in their view their kid is MENTALLY RETARDED. Also, HE WANTS A GOOD JOB. Thirdly, HE WANTS TO TRAVEL BY BUS INDEPENDENTLY. He likewise needs to snicker and needs his family to adore him. He needed others to make him a companion. He additionally needs to take an interest in games.

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